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Dear Dharma Friends,

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, we would like to express our gratitude to you for your beautiful smile and sincere practice. 
This holiday season, please join us for our one-day retreat, spiritual Thanksgiving and other special services this December. 

We hope that you value the role of our temple and its meditation programs in your life, if so, please consider sending a donation. This Temple is self-supporting through your donations alone and has been struggling this year. 

Your generous donation allows us to maintain the temple building so that you have a comfortable, safe and calm environment in which to practice. 
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Thank you greatly!

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With our sincere gratitude,
Palms together,
Rev. Kim & Rev. Lee

Winter Won Moving Meditation Retreat

December 29th, 2017 ~ January 1st, 2018
Won Dharma Center, NY

Creating a Healthier Mind and Body

  Moving Meditation is the special practice of combining physical and mental movement harmoniously, without strain or pain. When the body is changed through Moving Meditation, there will be a change in one’s energy, and physiological harmony will take place. By enhancing spiritual relaxation and inner restoration, one can recover one’s original nature. In contrast to exercises that require tensed muscles, Moving Meditation helps us not only to relax joints, muscles, organs, and nerves but also helps us to find mental relaxation and emancipation from attachments. When our body is overly tensed for long periods, it may become prone to disease. Unlike exercise that strengthens our body, Moving Meditation helps us to reach equanimity of mind through the wholesome balance and harmony of body, energy, and breath. Rev. Song’s Moving Meditation programs include: Yin Yang Mudra, Warm Heart Supple Body, ShipSang Meditation, and Sŏn Yoga. The principles of Tai Chi, Qigong, and yoga are synthesized in these practices.

To register and find more information on the retreat, click here.


Interfaith Street Art in Philadelphia, PA

It was good time with people who knows Oneness of the all religious truth. 

Won Buddhism quoted "All religions in the world are of one identical origin and one identical principle, All living beings in the world are one family in one Earth." From Master Chungsan. 

Thanks Dohoon, Inkyung, Eunsoo, Minsoo, John, Thao, Desi, and Brian who made the time great. 

Guest Speaker Alison Cornish

This Saturday's Dharma Talk will be given by a special visitor from the Interfaith Center of Pennsylvania, Rev. Alison Cornish.

"The Reverend Alison Cornish is a Unitarian Universalist minister. She currently serves as Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light (PA IPL) a statewide organization that supports congregations and individuals to bring their moral voice to the issue of climate change.  Alison has a background in parish ministry, nonprofit management, multifaith work, and advocacy for the marginalized.

A graduate of Wellesley College, the University of York (UK), and Andover Newton Theological School, Alison began her work life in historic preservation, working for municipalities and nonprofit organizations in New England and New York.  After attending seminary, Alison served two Unitarian Universalist congregations on Long Island as minister, as well as working for the Long Island Multifaith Forum.  Prior to accepting the position with PA IPL, Alison worked as Senior Director of Programs for Partners for Sacred Places, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia working with congregations of all denominations, their historic buildings, community ministries and development of resources."

Students Visit to Learn About Buddhism

We had a wonderful visit from Hill Top Prep School students on Wednesday, to learn about Buddhism as part of their Eastern History. 
We began with a introduction talk, sitting and moving meditation demonstration, Q & A conversation. We then enjoyed lunch together and made paper lotus flowers as an art project. We found the students to be curious, intelligent and creative... and such charming young people. 
Our future lies in the hands of youth and we must give them opportunity to learn different perspectives, which can provide a holistic understanding of humanity. 

Young People's Retreat

Young People's retreat is coming up this summer at Won Dharma Center, NY. 
Feel free to register! There is even a scholarship for young people because money should not be the matter for making a decision. No one should be turned away for lack of means. 
Let ministers know if you have any concerns. 

You, young people are the future of this society and world!

More information and sign up here:

Peaceful Protest in South Korea

We thought you might be interested in this article on the Buddhist Channel about Won Buddhist Monk's meditation protest against militarizing the sacred place of Sonju, South Korea.

You can read the full article here:…

"Buddhist monks in this hillside county 135 miles south of Seoul have spent the past 59 days in a nonstop meditation protest along a road leading to where the U.S. military recently positioned an anti-ballistic missile system designed to counter the threat of incoming warheads from North Korea."

"There are many monasteries and temples around here and the holy site is nearby,” Mr. Won told The Times, asserting that the actual road leading up to the course was previously used year round by monks on pilgrimages to honor Won Buddhism’s founders, who lived in the area during the early- and mid-1900s."

Thank you for a Fantastic Fundraiser!

Through the 8th Plant and Yard sale, this year we raised fund for the temple and for supporting children's education in Swaziland, Africa $2,127.96 so far. 
Because of your help, involving and volunteering.

The plants were kindly donated by Primex Garden Center.

Our yard sale items were generously donated by our lay-members and neighbours.

Thank you very much!