Rev. WonGong & Rev. Song's talk on September 24, 2017
By Rev. WowGong (Dec. 23/2018)
Visiting Teacher: Ven. Bokin Kim, Ph.D. President, Won Institute
Dharma Talk by Rev. Dosung Yoo @ Won Buddhism of Manhattan, Nov/04/2018
Member's sharing: Cliff Wallshein (Won Bup Shin) @ Won Buddhism of Manhattan

Living Dharma by Ven. Chung Ohun Lee, Ph.D.

Sincerity and Dedication by Rv. DoSung Yoo.

Mind Creates the Whole Universe by Rv. Youngin Sa.

Baby Buddha by Rv. Deoksang Jo.

Human Nature and the Practice of Meditation by Rv. Hyunoh Kim.

How to Worship Il Won Sang by Rv. Insun Park

The Heart Sutra by Rv. Dosung Yoo.

Sunyata Works Wonders in Daily Life by Ven. Bongkil Chung, Ph.D.

Loving-Kindness by Ven. Chung Ohun Lee, Ph.D.