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Special Guest Dharma Service


 On Saturday May 7th at 10:15am, Brother John Martin will give a dharma talk relating to "Spirituality beyond Religions". We hope you will join us!


 Brother John Martin Sahajananda

 Brother John Martin Sahajananda

Brother John Martin Sahajananda, born in 1955, was one of the closest followers of Father Bede Griffith, who strongly influenced him. He made his theological studies at St.Peter's Seminary of Bangalore, where he discovered the writings of the founders of Shantivanam (Jules Monchanin and Henry Le Saux). This discovery has transformed his vision of Christ and Christianity. 

In 1984 he left his diocese and joined the community of Shantivanam to live as a Benedictine monk close to Father Bede Griffith. 

Shantivanam belongs to the Congregation of Camaldolese in the Order of St.Benedict. Sahajananda has obtained a Licentiate in Spirituality from the Gregorian University, Rome. Today he is a spiritual director in the ashram. 

He is very much interested in the Inter-religious dialogue, particularly between Hinduism and Christianity. He teaches "Indian-Christian Spirituality" to the visitors of the ashram. It is a form of spirituality, which shows the unifying elements among the religions and also the uniqueness of each spiritual tradition. But it also opens to a spirituality that goes beyond the religious boundaries. 

He is frequently invited to Europe to give lectures, retreats and seminars and to share his unique vision of Christianity for the third millennium. 


He has written many books and articles. 

"The Parabola of the Kingdom of God”

“A New Vision of Christianity” (2000)

"You are the light - Rediscovering the Eastern Jesus" (2003)

“From Becoming to Unfolding” (2004)

"A short comparative study between Shankara and Master Eckhart" (2005)

"Four O'clock Talks: discussions with John Martin Sahajananda" (2007)

"A New Song of Creation - A retelling of the creation story with the convergence of biblical and hindu cosmogonies)" 2010

“Truth has no Boundaries - Proclaiming the Goodnews of Peace” (2012)

“What is Truth? (2012)

“New Annunciation - Universal call to be Virgin Mothers” (2013)

“Mission without Conversion - Becoming Instruments of Peace” (2013)

"Fully Human Fully Divine - Integral Dynamic Monotheism” (2013)

“The Ganges and the Jordan Meet - Reincarnation and Resurrection” (2014


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