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Dae-Jae - Memorial & Remembrance Service

June 1st, 1943 is the day when Sotaesan, the founding master of Won Buddhism, passed away and we honor him by holding a remembrance service for not only him, but also the sages of the past as well as past mentors and caregivers who all developed our bodies, minds, and hearts.

At this service, we pay homage and remember through prayer those to whom we are indebted. The spirit of this ceremony is to respect our ancestors by expressing our gratitude for their support and care. By reflecting and praying for our loved ones to whom we are indebted, we bless ourselves by discovering the heart of gratitude within us. 

As well, we pray in remembrance of our family members, friends, and all beings who were connected with us. 

You are welcome to invite your family and friends to join in,  offer incense at the ceremony and share lunch. 

This ceremony will be held in Korean and English, with translations for each language.