Winter Won Moving Meditation Retreat

December 29th, 2017 ~ January 1st, 2018
Won Dharma Center, NY

Creating a Healthier Mind and Body

  Moving Meditation is the special practice of combining physical and mental movement harmoniously, without strain or pain. When the body is changed through Moving Meditation, there will be a change in one’s energy, and physiological harmony will take place. By enhancing spiritual relaxation and inner restoration, one can recover one’s original nature. In contrast to exercises that require tensed muscles, Moving Meditation helps us not only to relax joints, muscles, organs, and nerves but also helps us to find mental relaxation and emancipation from attachments. When our body is overly tensed for long periods, it may become prone to disease. Unlike exercise that strengthens our body, Moving Meditation helps us to reach equanimity of mind through the wholesome balance and harmony of body, energy, and breath. Rev. Song’s Moving Meditation programs include: Yin Yang Mudra, Warm Heart Supple Body, ShipSang Meditation, and Sŏn Yoga. The principles of Tai Chi, Qigong, and yoga are synthesized in these practices.

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