Guest Speaker Alison Cornish

This Saturday's Dharma Talk will be given by a special visitor from the Interfaith Center of Pennsylvania, Rev. Alison Cornish.

"The Reverend Alison Cornish is a Unitarian Universalist minister. She currently serves as Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light (PA IPL) a statewide organization that supports congregations and individuals to bring their moral voice to the issue of climate change.  Alison has a background in parish ministry, nonprofit management, multifaith work, and advocacy for the marginalized.

A graduate of Wellesley College, the University of York (UK), and Andover Newton Theological School, Alison began her work life in historic preservation, working for municipalities and nonprofit organizations in New England and New York.  After attending seminary, Alison served two Unitarian Universalist congregations on Long Island as minister, as well as working for the Long Island Multifaith Forum.  Prior to accepting the position with PA IPL, Alison worked as Senior Director of Programs for Partners for Sacred Places, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia working with congregations of all denominations, their historic buildings, community ministries and development of resources."