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Dharma Authentication Day & Dharma Name Conferment Ceremony

Sunday 19th Aug 11am - 1pm

Join us for a special Dharma Authentication & Dharma Name Conferment Ceremony at the Won Buddhist Temple of Philadelphia. 

This service will be held in both English and Korean, with translation headsets availible.

Lunch & Refreshments will be served after the service.

This year 5 of our temple members will receive a dharma, name so we hope you will make a special effort to join this service in support of their great commitment. 

Looking back to 1919, the utmost sincerity of the nine
disciples, who were unconcerned about life or death, produced the miracle
of the seal of blood from bare fingers. Founding Master Sotaesan remarked,
"Your minds have already moved the divine spirits of heaven and earth and
the proceedings of the hidden authorities have rendered a verdict.... Exert
yourselves only on your practice and your work with an unattached, single
 by conferring on them dharma names and honorific dharma titles.