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Special Meditation Retreat with his Holiness Master Chwasan

Friday 31st August - Monday 3rd September
Location: Won Dharma Center, Claverack, NY, 12513

The Won Dharma Center has the honor to host His Holiness Chwasan, the Fourth Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism, who will lead the 2018 Labor Day Weekend Retreat in a unique opportunity to further develop our sitting mediation and spiritual cultivation.This retreat is based on the newly translated book by His Holiness Chwasan, The Method of Sitting Meditation (Won Media, 2018). 

His Holiness will explore the Danjeon-ju method which places awareness (concentration) on the “Danjeon” region in the lower abdomen. This Danjeon-ju method allows chi, the life force energy, to gather at this reservoir.

In addition, moving meditation, mindfulness practice, dharma talks, individual spiritual guidance, and contemplative nature walks will be experienced as well. The method of meditation will be taught in a structured way, beginning with proper posture and breathing. For beginning practitioners there will be instructions to overcome the common obstacles that hinder our ability to become concentrated. Experienced practitioners will learn how to assess their own level of practice with suggested techniques.

For more information visit Won Dharma Center website.